Who was laura prepon dating

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It's not that I really hate the clothes, I just don't like all the polyester. But, I swear, they're turning Donna into Annie Hall this season. Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know 13 episodes went live last Thursday and we’ve been devouring episode after juicy episode with our recaps and interviews.For those not paying attention, Prepon plays the tough-as-nails Alex, who is the former girlfriend of Piper (Schilling) and now the two exes are doing the uncomfortable dance while spending time in prison for a crime they committed together.Prepon has been vocal about her devotion to Scientology for nearly a decade, beginning when she was dating fellow Scientologist actor Christopher Masterson (brother of her co-star Danny Masterson) in the mid-2000s.While Foster has not explicitly spoken about his connection to Scientology, many sources have claimed that he is involved with it.MORE: Natasha Lyonne Reveals 'Orange Is the New Black' Season 5 Is "Racking up the Intensity to 11" A source told at the time that Laura “was holding onto Ben and was all over him” while they enjoyed each other’s company at the Ugly Mug pub.

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Whether it’s the jet black hair, the tattoos, being stuck in a dryer or showering up on-screen with co-star Taylor Schilling, you’re likely not to look at actress Laura Prepon the same after you’ve seen the first season of on Netflix.The actress has known Ben since she was 18 because Ben is friends with her co-star, Danny Masterson.The two sparked dating rumors back in July 2016 after being seen out and about together in Cape May, NJ.Prepon talked to us about her first time playing a lesbian, her biggest challenge in the first season (it’s not the dryer or lathering up with her sexy co-star) and her thoughts on sexual chemistry with another woman.After Ellen: Alex is pretty tough until she has that emotional moment in episode 4 with Natasha Lyonne. My character comes off as a very confident woman, which she is, but there are these aspects to her where she is very vulnerable and sensitive, you know?

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