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Providing a comfortable and flattering fit, the leggings allow for flowing freely without restriction, though aren’t 100 per cent opaque (opt for dark underwear for best coverage).A high waist gives additional comfort and encourages the leggings to stay put, and a handy zipped pocket provides space for a card or keys.With that in mind, we tested a variety of pants suitable for all descriptions of yoga, paying particular attention to the level of support and overall comfort, plus the practicality of moving through poses wearing each pair, and ease of care.Not to mention the ever-stressful issue of how likely they are to expose your underwear during downward dog. If you’ve ever felt fabric predominantly made from bamboo, you will you know how soft it is, and these pants are no exception.Buy in-store Designed to feel like a second skin, these leggings are supportive without any uncomfortable tightness or digging in.A high waistband (complete with a secret pocket) gives a slimming appearance, and minimal seams keep the leggings feeling snug.Machine-washable and lightweight, these bottoms are great for those who intend on indulging in a little yoga abroad, as they’re compact and have a UV protection rating of UPF 40, blocking harmful rays.Buy now Sporting thick, soft fabric with a four-way stretch system, these tights provide support while also allowing easy transitioning between poses.

The high waistband hugs the skin and gives a slimming silhouette, and the pretty wrap ties add a little elegance, though be sure they're fastened securely so they don't come undone mid-practice.

Buy now With mesh panels and biker-style pleats, these are a stylish pair of pants.

They are super-soft to the touch and ultra-stretchy too.

They’re primarily for yoga and gym use, however there’s no reason you can’t wear them out of the studio.

Requiring a machine wash at a low temperature, we found these dried quickly.

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