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Brooks said that's bound to change now that it's easier to get into the online dating business."Development costs are down, it’s growing in popularity, everybody knows somebody who’s met someone through a site," he said.

I'm hooked."That's where new apps like Wyldfire, Neqtr and Singld Out come in.

But before we continue down this path, it’s important to ask: who are these studies really benefitting?

Are they helping us to become more open-minded daters? The study succeeded in making online daters even more cynical about online dating.

As the study noted, as soon as the pictures were revealed, people went back to their old patterns of behavior.

Facebook and Ok Cupid aren’t the only sites studying user behavior, and probably aren’t the only sites conducting experiments on users.

In general, more attractive users were regarded as more personable – in other words, users were equating looks with personality – even though there wasn’t much information to go on.

The third experiment was the cause of the most controversy, where the site lied to a portion of users, telling them that matches who were (according to Ok Cupid algorithms) 90% compatible were actually only 30%, and matches with very little compatibility were told they had high compatibility. Communication went up when people thought they were being matched with someone very compatible, because Ok Cupid gave them that impression of compatibility, even if it wasn’t the truth.

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