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Lynda remains a top source for current, high-quality instructional videos.Though the bulk of the service relies on a hefty /month subscription fee, there are a lot of free videos available.You're then presented with a stream of potential matches based on those nearby and with overlapping interests and common Facebook friends.With a swipe, users anonymously decide if they like someone or not, and they get a notification when someone they picked has picked them as well.You can even load Mobi and PDF files to be read in the Kindle app (though not e Pub).

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Users log in with their Facebook credentials, which populates a Tinder profile with all of their interests and a profile image.

Many of the areas of subject matter are technical and surround certain types of software, but you'll also find photography, music, art, and other major topics covered.

IMDb is an invaluable tool for figuring out which films and shows actors are from, digging up obscure quotes, and seeing which shows are topping the charts.

So long as your computer is on, the desktop client is running, and you have an active subscription, you can use your Android device to click around your desktop, open applications, browse files, and make use of touch shortcuts to get more done faster.

Encryption is enabled for business customers concerned about security.

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