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He said: “Given the unit Kerr ran has led to the deaths of so many people we have always found it strange that there hasn’t been any scrutiny of what Kerr was doing.” Finucane added: “Gordon Kerr is very much at the centre of the actions of the FRU…Kerr’s role in all of this needs to be examined.

We may not necessarily get justice, but we want the truth.

Helena began an acting career at this time as well, joining the Abbey Theater, but her commitment to political and then labor activism would eventually end her acting.

Indeed, it is a perfect metaphor for collusion in Northern Ireland:the British Government’s historic, systemic and official policy of using Unionist/Protestant murder gangs to assassinate Catholics. Saturday, February 3, 2018THE Scots army officer who commanded a shadowy British military intelligence unit in Northern Ireland which colluded with terrorists who murdered civilians during the Troubles should be questioned as part of a police probe, the families of victims have said.

Pat Finucane, a prominent human rights lawyer who represented republicans, was killed in 1989 after alleged collusion between FRU officers and loyalist paramilitaries, including Brian Nelson, a former Black Watch soldier who became head of intelligence for the terror group the Ulster Defence Association.

John Finucane, a solicitor who stood as a Sinn Fein candidate, called for “greater scrutiny” of Kerr’s role at the time of his father’s death.

He’s built a trust and confidence with families that’s unprecedented.

I have no doubt Jon Boutcher will arrest handlers and in my view, he needs to go where the evidence leads him. We would certainly say the Kenova inquiry would have to detain and question Gordon Kerr, if Jon Boutcher wants to retain his credibility.“There is a murky backdrop to this that is isn’t just black and white.

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