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I watch all the drama of Jung Kyung Ho oppa, because I'm his number 1 fan, and I can say that Kim So Yeon is the only actress that suits for him, their SPARK CHEMISTRY IS VERY UNIQUE!!!! Woooooow seeing one more happy ending I became sure you are one of my most favorite actors ever so manly & adorable & in fall in love with soon Jung so funny Cruel city so sexy & charismatic . And he was really really really good in this drama...

If korea will create a season 2 of Descendants of the sun, and the Song Song couple won't do it, Jung Kyung Ho and Kim So Yeon can be their replacement hehehe lol! Thankyou Mr Jung, I saw beating again drama and just fell in love all over again. waiting for the next masterpiece you oppa Only saw him in I'm Sorry I Love You as Yoon. Really nice at conveying the emotions of his character though being a rookie actor at that time.

I have forgotten about him and then saw him on Because It's My First Time with Choi Minho. Really added so much to the role and literally carried the drama each episode. Wow you did a great job with your dramas and movies, till now I saw all your work and I love it especially: Cruel City, Fall in Love with Soon Jung, Fasten Your Seatbelt and Manhole... And right now am taking online hangul class Well I would say keep it up, you guys are really trying, you're awesome.

When I watched falling for soon jung you were so great beyond my ways to express it although I liked your hair up more but you looked handsome too with down up the great work i'll be waiting always great actor. But this is performance definitely desires awards I'm totally in love with kang min ho caharacter in falling for innocence, such a great acting!! he can act a mother darling boy in smile you, a funny president in falling love with soo jung and bully boy in cruel city. Now I've watched some many other korean movie that I really enjoyed, like; Boys Over Flower, City Hunter, Faith, Princess Man, Playful Kiss, just to name a few.

I'm sure many people will appreciate their onscreen loveteam just like what happened in falling for innocence.. You are amazinnnnnng , totally love your style, wish I had some one like you in my life. Will certainly be watching him back in One More Happy Ending and if i were to adore him more later,well.., Falling in Love With Soo Jung next?

@zyrianna beating again a.k.a falling for innocence I've become your fan after watching One More Happy Ending. I thought I will be obsessed only to Roger Federer(if you watch tennis).. :) You are truly a genius , your sincerity in acting is shown in every frame of the screen, I wish you take up more wwonderful roles and do more vibrant stuff.

who's the hell he is.he's just an actor who is not very popular in only film that i knew he showed up was "sorry that i love you) ... But I was later surrounded by korean-movie-lovers that I couldn't break away.

I hope it will come to you soon and have a good relationship with Sooyoung forever. and if you were a true fan of sooyoung, i think you'd be happy for their relationship, i mean what is she going to do when she ages, live a lonely life? He did an amazing job in other dramas too but Cruel City is his best i guess... To be candid I hated korea films before, cos I don't understand any of what they are saying.

But it has been ten years ago so just get lost,plz give my idol back and you don't deserve to her WOOOOOOW this guy is a GREAT actor ! Baek Sa Dar...impressive...young upcoming Korean Star..how he rocked that role in cruel city, cant believe am already his fan...looking forward to his other new movies...hailing from Africa Nigeria. My friends all love watching korean films, making feel left out, and I end up turning to my books.They really portrayed their characters very well, and its the reason why their STRONG CHEMISTRY start to SPARK LIKE A BOMB! I didn't see any chemistry between him and Jang Na Ra when I watch One More Happy Ending! The only actor that suits my taste for Jang Na Ra is Jang Hyuk her costar in Bright Girl and in Fated To Love You, she had a spark chemistry with this actor, just not with Jung Kyung Ho. Fighting★★★★ Jung Kyung Ho was so amazing in Cruel City, I still am not over the ending. He had so much charisma and style that I miss his character "Doctor's Son".) prior to annexation by the Vietnamese in the 17th century.

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