Geek girls online dating

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So who better to invite along for the ride than the most logical partner you can find? So not only are they likely to have a great job now, they can get another one pretty much anywhere in the country – or world for that matter.(which, let’s face it, is probably a better place to start when finding your One True Love) You’ll be in luck there too.15 good reasons, in fact: They’ll remember your favourite band, notice when you’ve got a new haircut and remind you when your car needs tax or your travel-card runs out.

But what happens when a woman gets hold of the guide? Rami's guest on this week's episode is Emilia, who reverse-engineered his course and used it on men.

In fact, the thicker the rims and the more technology obsessed, the better.

Which means they won’t want to be outdone in the best boyfriend or girlfriend stakes either.

Rami also kicks off November - the Geek Month of Love, where he'll open his dating course to new students for 30 days only.

Join the Coaching for Geeks Facebook group at to get ready for the launch (and hang out with cool geeks in the meantime).

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