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Thousands of videos are being uploaded on You Tube every second. Anything contrary to that contravenes the copyright. Whenever the topic of downloading videos from You Tube comes up, something else rears its head - is it legal? It is OK to download the video for personal and offline use.Don't ignore if your antivirus or browser flags the website.Many of these websites try to get extra mileage by using a sly tactic. This is just one example, some websites apply the same tactic in a different manner. Select the one you want, right click on it and choose 'save link as' to download.Do a quick survey of the software, and you're bound to bump into a review where Freemaker boasts of being capable of downloading videos from more than 10000 websites.

The most unique thing about this app other than the odd name is this: it not only allows you to grab videos from You Tube, Facebook or those streaming on Netflix, it can rip DVDs.By paying the annual subscription fee, YTD allows you to enjoy more functions such as multiple downloads, download acceleration, zero ads and so much more.You can download the YTD on your android or i OS device though it's only on Android that it downloads You Tube videos.Anyway, the app will allow you to save links and download multiple videos at a go.If you have a very fast broadband, then you can download a 2-hour HD video in less than five minutes. Don't worry if you wish to convert a video into an audio track; Freemake You Tube to Mp3 Boom will take care of that for you.

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