Dating someone with brain injury

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It was on that average day that a reckless teen driver took everything but my brother’s life.

Although my brother survived this accident a large piece of him did not.

At first he just stared at everything, but he's come a long way. Throughout the darkest part of my life I realized that I had no idea what love really was.

It's not three little words or a ceremony or a white dress.

The neurosurgeon took me to a waiting room and told me, "Mrs. He will never wake up, walk or talk again."He suggested I take Tony off of the ventilator, but I wouldn't.

To every medical professional telling me he'd never get better, I responded, "I'm taking him home, and if all he can do is crawl, I will crawl with him." Every day the nurses watched me in shock as I fought for my husband's life.

It's getting to hear Tony say anything and watch his beautiful brown eyes try to read. And it's seeing him at his happiest when pedaling on his bike. But despite all of that, I constantly work to love him through this.

He's NOT the man I married, and he doesn't love me like he used to because, well, he doesn't remember that he did love me once.

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I thought all love was the same that was until I began loving someone with a Traumatic Brain Injury. We are two years apart but seven years ago something much bigger than age began to separate us. It started just like another typical Monday for our family but it ended much differently.I couldn't force myself to take one more step in that direction, so I turned around and ran back into the airport to call my sister.The next day, back in Lemoore, we all went to a Navy picnic.Before I left each night, I'd play Michael Bublé in the background as I exercised his legs, and when I wasn't there I made sure the nurses always had Filipino music playing in hopes that he'd hear it and wake up. A few times, when I'd first taken him home, he tried pushing me out of bed in the middle of the night.After love and support from strangers flooded my inbox, one email caught my eye. Koslowski from Brooks Rehabilitation in Jacksonville, had been following my husband's story online and wanted to visit to see if he could help. With his expert advice, I started to pinch Tony's right side incessantly until one day, he pushed my hand away in annoyance. I had to sit up and hold his hands tight, assuring him I was his wife and that he was safe.

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