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During the Russo-Turkish War, 1768-1774 the Jews in the Danubian Principalities had to endure great hardships.

Massacres and pillages were perpetrated in almost every town and village in the country.

The role of Ottoman and local Jews in financing various princes increased as Ottoman economic demands were mounting after 1550 (in the 1570s, the influential Jewish Duke of the Archipelago, Joseph Nasi, backed both Heraclides and Lăpușneanu to the throne); several violent incidents throughout the period were instigated by princes unable to repay their debts.

the latter then exerted his influence with the Prince in favor of his coreligionists.

During the Greek War of Independence, which signalled the Wallachian uprising of 1821, Jews were victims of pogroms and persecutions.

In the 1860s, there was another riot motivated by blood libel accusations.

The emigration of Romanian Jews on a larger scale commenced soon after 1878.

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The latter, coupled with successive waves of aliyah, has accounted for a dramatic decrease in the overall size of Romania's present-day Jewish community.Moldavia's Prince Ștefăniță (1522) deprived the Jewish merchants of almost all the rights given to them by his two predecessors; Petru Rareș confiscated Jewish wealth in 1541, after alleging that Jews in the cattle trade had engaged in tax evasion.Alexandru Lăpușneanu (first rule: 1552-61) persecuted the community alongside other social categories, until he was dethroned by Jacob Heraclides, a Greek Lutheran, who was lenient to his Jewish subjects; Lăpușneanu did not renew his persecutions after his return on the throne in 1564.Antisemitism was officially enforced under the premierships of Ion Brătianu.During his first years in office (1875) Brătianu reinforced and applied old discrimination laws, insisting that Jews were not allowed to settle in the countryside (and relocating those that had done so), while declaring many Jewish urban inhabitants to be vagrants and expelling them from the country.

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