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Gérard Jugnot directed, from a screenplay by Philippe Lopes-Curval. As a very free adaptation of my work, Boudu belongs to Renoir." (Fauchois's career started as an actor with the Sarah-Bernhardt company, and in 1925 when Michel Simon played Boudu on the stage Fauchois was Lestingois.) In narrative terms, another major change by Renoir from the play, consists in shifting the centre of attention from the character of Lestingois to that of Boudu.

Michel Simon was at various times, a boxer, a boxing instructor, a right-wing anarchist, a frequenter of prostitutes, pimps and petty crooks.

Ein Leben, das klemmt: da ist einerseits seine Frau Isolde (Catherine Frot), depressiv und unter ständigem Einfluss von Medikamenten und andererseits seine Kunstgalerie, kurz vor der Pleite.

Christian Lespinglet ist ein Bourgeois-Bohémien am Rande des Erstickungstods.

Boudu was conceived primarily to make use of the genius of Michel Simon." Michel Simon called Boudu a pique-assiette, a sponger, while the writer Richard Boston rejected the idea that Boudu had much in common with the hippies of the late 1960s, as Pauline Kael had suggested.

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He was extremely well read, a talented photographer, a hypochondriac, a misanthrope, owner of a vast collection of pornography and with a reputation for unorthodox sexual behaviour which he did not bother to deny.

The writer Richard Boston has stated that, "Whether or not he was a pleasant man, he was certainly a complex one, with a good deal of Boudu in him," and Renoir called Simon "a genius of an actor...

Er läuft seinem verlorenen Charme hinterher, indem er vergebliche Anstrengungen unternimmt, seine Assistentin Coralie (Constance Dollé) zu verführen; und er läuft dem Erfolg hinterher, indem er versucht Hubert (Jean-Paul Rouve), den lokalen Kunstmaler, wieder an die Staffelei zu bringen, den jedoch die Inspiration im Stich lässt.

Der Wirbelwind Boudu, dessen Aufenthalt bei Lespinglet nur ein kurzer sein sollte, richtet sich in diesem Provisorium ein.

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