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But not only is the actual milkshake a liquid dream of your favorite childhood cereal, but the rim is vanilla coated with Fruity Pebbles stuck to it, plus a heaping mountain of whipped cream with even more Fruity Pebbles showered on it, and THEN!

There’s all these fun surprises in the whipped cream; like a freaking Fruity Pebble rice crispy treat (Mind. I know.), a strawberry Pop Tart, and of course…a Nerd’s Rope.

But I decided to turn the tables this time and do all of the things that were suggested to me by everyone who joined my Skype group chats while I was in New York City!

What I loved most about it was that out of all the times I’ve been to New York City, I never saw or did the majority of things that were recommended to me in the group chat!

All of the rooftops that were suggested were local spots, which meant I didn’t have to pay a fortune to go to the observatory decks of places like Top of the Rock, One World Trade Center, or the Empire State Building, which was definitely an added bonus!

First I went to Jimmy at the James Hotel which offered a stunning up-close view of One World Trade Center, as well as panoramic views all the way to the Hudson River.

As you know, it’s a “concrete jungle”, so to give everyone a breath of fresh air, a 1.45 mile-long open air walk way was created where an old industrial railroad used to be.

All our online members are waiting for new Skype contacts.

The participants came from a variety of my social media platforms, and as I mentioned, were an awesome mixture of both NYC locals, and visiting fans of the city.

It was really fun to interact with so many people at once, and to be able to connect like minded travelers all in one chat!

A lot of people recommended some amazing places in Brooklyn, but since I hadn’t gotten to number six on this list yet, I opted for the number one suggestion in Manhattan: Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. It’s gooey cheese made power-line-threads from my mouth to the crust like you see in movies, and also like in movies, I ate so much that I could not move for a good half an hour.

To be honest, I already knew about the High Line because it’s totally my kind of thing; nature in the city.

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