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Kaspersky includes many features usually only found in more comprehensive security suites for a reasonable price.

The following prices are for 1 year subscriptions which offer automatic virus updates throughout the subscription term.

This prevents the data you enter from being tracked by or identity thieves.

Smart updates are a key feature of Kaspersky Antivirus 2018.

If malware is found, Kaspersky's File Advisor will report the file to Kaspersky's security network to make sure this malware can be detected by their software and that other users detect this threat as well.

It uses the power of the cloud and many users being connected to Kaspersky's security network to detect and quickly stop emerging threats (See the "Protection Level" section below for more info).

Kaspersky's System Watcher feature will record recent changes to your system and allow you to roll back harmful changes caused by malware.

It works like Microsoft's System Restore feature included in its Windows operating system.

It has a fresh, new interface that is very simple to navigate and easy to understand.

The user interface is responsive and most operations can be performed with a single click.

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