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Firstly, that the passage of ages is marked by events of great world significance.Secondly, that the end of an age generally occurs at some significant point after the associated event, as matters are concluded.Working within the approximate temporal framework given by Tolkien, Steele’s approach is to assign the remaining transitions to events of historic or symbolic significance.Martinez does something similar, dating the end of the 6 age to the end of World War Two, though he leaves the duration of the Fifth Age uncertain.Before we go further, lets recapitulate the canon information we’ve established to calibrate our dating.From various sources, we know that in the region of 6000 to 8000 years have elapsed since the end of the Third Age.

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Firstly, how well did the calculated length of the Fourth Age match the prediction derived from Eldarion’s prophesy?While exact dates would still have to be fitted, this let me consider a large (but manageable) number of hypothetical alternative timelines.Laying all the alternative scenarios out like this allowed me to quantify the approximate length of each Age under all the alternative scenarios, and from that calculate the length of the Fourth Age, assuming that 6000 or 7000 years had elapsed since the end of the Third Age.A few I rejected out of hand, but most went into the stirring pot.At an early stage I assembled all of these that I had into a timeline, running from 2500BCE up until the present.

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